Marijuana Claims

My original post made no claims about marijuana, and I renamed the original post to Gun Violence Claims with the hope that post will be less confusing to the reader.

Cannabis Plant Therapy for Cancer

A cannabis plant therapy is more effective at treating cancer than chemotherapy and radiation therapy for some kinds of cancers and some kinds of cannabis plant therapies.

A patient who has been diagnosed with cancer and has weeks to live should extract the oil from an entire cannabis plant with a diverse amount of cannabinoids. The patient is to consume regular doses of the extracted cannabis oil on a schedule which allows them to consume the entire plant as soon as possible. After consuming the entire plant, the patient may extract more oil and consume smaller doses in such a way that is conducive for a healthy and happy life.

Treatment centers can be built to receive cancer patients, collect the data, and perform the therapy such that the results indicate the cannabis plant therapy success rates. This data can be used to help produce and identify the best plants and the best therapies which target various kinds of cancer.

My claims will not be valid if chemotherapy and radiation therapy change and improve beyond what is available today.


The United State’s Government has classified the cannabis plant in such a way that medical research can’t be funded by federal tax dollars due to the Controlled Substances Act.


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