Faith Shaker

The foundation of my religion became something like “sin is ignorance” and “the remedy is learning” and “belief itself causes ignorance” and “love all”.

I practiced questioning my beliefs and the beliefs of others. I practiced shaking my faith. And I’ve damaged relationships with many people when I spoke in ways which questioned their faith and caused them to feel pain because of my words. We humans tend to avoid any form of pain when given a choice. It is rare for a human to seek out pain.

I’ve recently accused people of not caring for peace on Earth. I’ve accused churches, religions, political parties, governments, and every group of people on Earth of not caring for peace. And when individuals identify with those groups they interpret my words as a kind of personal attack. They feel hurt by my words. They ignore me in order to avoid the pain instead of allowing me to shake their faith.

Other people warn that my words are powerful and I am speaking the world into being. This group is not entirely wrong because I am dividing people with my words. I am selecting for people who are willing to have their faith shaken and filtering out people who are not willing to have their faith shaken. And I do this because I love all people and I have witnessed the good fruit which comes from the faith shakers.

I know my heart. And I have seen the good fruit. And I know that the faith shakers in the world who love all people will love me when I cause them pain with my words. Those who will not pursue truth with me do not love me because we have a conflict of interest and I am their enemy and they do not love their enemy.

Run the test and report on the results: Are you willing to learn about peace on Earth with me as much as I am willing to learn with you?

Disclaimer prior to 2023-03-25: being neurodivergent, I sometimes fail to communicate my thoughts clearly.
Disclaimer beginning 2023-03-25: posts are being generated with the help of GPT.