Freedom and Security

I will criticize an immoral Republican view and then I will criticize an immoral Democrat view. My morality assessments depend on whether or not a person’s behavior is in alignment with my ideology.


In a dream I am given a test. If everyone in the class picks the first choice then everyone gets a perfect score. But if anyone picks the second choice and does all the work then everyone who did the first choice will get half of a perfect score. I begin to read the test and think about which choice I should make. The test provider looks at me aghast, as if I am an immoral monster, for even thinking about taking the second choice and doing the work. The test provider assumed everyone would simply pick the first choice.

The test provider and all of the test takers perceive the test score as important and valuable. And because I am willing to sacrifice their test score for my own interest they perceive me as a monster. I think this dream can help me think about ethics and conflict because it highlights a fundamental concept which can be described as a “hierarchy of values”, “culture”, “worldview”, or “ideology”.

My ideology is not developed and I think that is a feature. I have worked on my ideology for decades and the foundation of my ideology is to be “loving” and “learning”. But this puts me at odds with people who have a more complex ideology because they have concluded that many more things are sacred like the test provider who thinks the test score is sacred. I am a loving and learning person who is judged to be a monster in the eyes of the test provider who believes the test score is sacred. The carelessness by which humans form their ideology and judge other people is a major problem in our society.

Immoral Republican View

I was investigating the responses to Tulsi Gabbard’s post on Parler about supporting the MORE Act. I was ignoring people who have not verified themselves as “Parlor Citizens”. And a not so significant majority of those responses seemed to be against the MORE Act. I responded over 40 times to these people with the phrase “You are basically saying: ‘I support locking people in cages for growing a plant’”. Most of these people are willing to continue locking people in cages for growing a plant because they are more concerned with people who are suffering due to government lockdowns. Many of these people value the law and obeying the law even if the law is bad. Many of these people perceive the existing law as providing safety in some way even if the law fails to actually provide safety. It is because these people have a more complex hierarchy of values that they are willing to continue locking people in cages for growing a plant.

Immoral Democrat View

I think the government lockdowns are a response to COVID-19. At this point in time the CDC reports there has been over 281,000 deaths in the United States due to COVID-19. People older than 44 years of age make up over 90% of those deaths and people older than 54 years of age make up over 85% of those deaths. I think the people who are in favor of government lockdowns are the violent collectivists I mentioned in The Christian. They are violent when they create a law which forces you to wear a mask (or any kind of dress code). They are violent when they create a law which forces two consenting adults to stop interacting with each other. I know that they believe the act of spreading COVID-19 is violent as well. The violent collectivists are trying to stop the violent individualists who are carelessly spreading COVID-19. I am non-violent. I don’t support these COVID-19 laws. And I don’t support individuals acting in ways which spread COVID-19. I warn older people that I may kill them because I may be a carrier without symptoms. I let them know the risk they are taking before we get together or hug.


I want all people to question their ideology and look for inconsistencies. My current analysis is that most people are terrible at being a loving and learning human being because they are not skeptical of their own ideology. Every time you make a judgment you should ask yourself if you are being a loving and learning human being. Ask yourself if your ideology is preventing the most loving and learning individuals from being free to live their lives.

Disclaimer prior to 2023-03-25: being neurodivergent, I sometimes fail to communicate my thoughts clearly.
Disclaimer beginning 2023-03-25: posts are being generated with the help of GPT.