Written by Gavin Palmer practicing a relationship with the Greatest Intentions

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  • What are my goals?
    • I learn.
    • I give intent.
    • I invite feedback.
    • I give progress.
    • I give outcomes.
    • I seek peace.

What is government?

Government is a system which has inputs, outputs, functions, and goals.

What is government corruption?

The perception of government corruption emerges when people disagree with government activities.

How can we reduce government corruption?

Learn to communicate our goals and organize in ways which avoid conflicts of interest.

People and Government

Patronizing and Condescending People

We judge ourselves to be better than other people when we ignore people’s goals: our own goals and other people’s goals. Our perception of our superiority gets in the way of our ability to know people’s goals and become a king who allows other people’s goals to ascend into our focus. Cooperation with other people is a common goal for any person who has looked deeply to know their own goals.

Biblical Themes: Archetypes and Patterns

The Garden of Eden

The Place with Pain and Suffering

The righteous person will try to create a good place for children with the goal of raising the children into righteous people. The righteous person will explain to the children what they should and should not do. The children will ignore the righteous person, and they will experience pain and suffering because of their ignorance. The righteous person wants to provide the children with the opportunity to learn to act in ways which avoid unnecessary pain and suffering. If the children do not learn then the pain and suffering is a natural consequence. The righteous person seeks to limit the pain and suffering so that permanent damage is avoided. We were designed to experience pain and suffering by the Creator because the Creator wants us to learn and grow and create through pain and discomfort.

The Place Without Pain and Suffering

Imagine a kind of padded room where all experiences are administered with the intent to prioritize the child’s safety and pleasure over all things. The child who wants a life of safety and pleasure will remain a child who is dependent on others for their lifestyle. Other children may want a life where they provide for the children who want a life of safety and pleasure. I think this arrangement would fall apart because we are part of the creation which the Creator intended for the purpose of wanting us to want to know the Creator. The place without pain and suffering would be temporary. We could create such a place with the understanding that each child would only stay in such a place for a limited amount of time. Each child would ultimately experiance pain and suffering as they fail to become what the Creator intended for us. The pain and suffering will emerge as the teacher.

The Balance

The righteous person requires no law enforcer because they have developed and maintained the proper relationship with the Creator’s teacher which is pain and suffering. The righteous person creates and enforces laws by compassionately administering pain and suffering in order to help the child to avoid causing an unnecessarily large degree of pain and suffering. The righteous person avoids administering pain and suffering by improving their ability to teach the child in a proactive way.

Disclaimer prior to 2023-03-25: being neurodivergent, I sometimes fail to communicate my thoughts clearly.
Disclaimer beginning 2023-03-25: posts are being generated with the help of GPT.
Disclaimer beginning 2023-10-12: I decided to practice making Jesus my king.
Disclaimer beginning 2024-04-27: I learned the importance of sharing things more privately with God in prayer and with my wife and with a couple of Christian brothers>. I decided to make my past blog posts less public. I made my facebook page less public weeks ago. I no longer care so much for the approval of people.