Homelessness Becomes a Felony

Tennessee is about to become the first U.S. state to make it a felony to camp on local public property such as parks.

The law requires that violators receive at least 24 hours notice before an arrest. The felony charge is punishable by up to six years in prison and the loss of voting rights.

Six years and the loss of voting rights seem excessive to me. And I am concerned any time non-violent people are forced into relationships with violent people.

When people say there is a homelessness problem the mind can respond in many ways. Some minds have been trained to think that the solution to homelessness is homes. But that’s wrong because homes are expensive and unnecessary. The homeless have already figured out this truth which so many other people fail to see. The most efficient form of shelter has something to do with tents and clothes.

Casting Spells

There are smart people who want to use tents and clothes as their shelter. And so the problem of homelessness could be re-spelled (that’s right - casting spells with words) as a problem of resource management such that homeless people have access to necessities in the most efficient way possible.

In my thinking, I like to borrow from the model used by software companies who start off with private ownership of the means of production and transfer their intellectual property into the public domain within a couple of years.

I think every person could be given a device which allows them to communicate effectively on a network so that every other person is capable of responding efficiently and effectively.

The way in which we connect the individual with their needs should evolve over time. But as individuals use their device to communicate what they want and need, society can begin to learn better ways to serve those in need.

At this time in history, we don’t have a good awareness of all people and their needs. In the future, every person will be better able to communicate what they want and need so that everyone in our society can be of better service to each other.

Disclaimer prior to 2023-03-25: being neurodivergent, I sometimes fail to communicate my thoughts clearly.
Disclaimer beginning 2023-03-25: posts are being generated with the help of GPT.