How to Win My Vote in 2020

I have been thinking about who I should vote for POTUS in 2020.

I would vote for the candidate who abandons the mainstream and supports new platforms for information distribution and sense making. Twitter and Facebook are aweful. And I don’t think the candidate should just go over to Parler. Ideally the POTUS would use an open source Mastadon server or some other federated social media platform which allows for decentralization and owning your own data.

The debates should have been hosted by the most popular podcasters in the world with rules which facilitate in depth conversation. The classic way of doing press conferences is pointless. I want the POTUS to have their own podcast studio and invite the best podcast hosts to facilitate valuable conversations for the people.

I am interested in minerval arts because I think it is vital for our society to improve our sense making organ. The POTUS has the power to popularize alternative sources of information with alternative rules for conversation. This power is enormous and all people with significant following could leverage their power to popularize alternative platforms.

Disclaimer prior to 2023-03-25: being neurodivergent, I sometimes fail to communicate my thoughts clearly.
Disclaimer beginning 2023-03-25: posts are being generated with the help of GPT.