Human Resource Problem

Humans have the potential to solve many big problems which are not currently being solved. For example, we could eventually be living in a world where malnutrition and starvation is avoidable. The main reason we live in a world where humans suffer from malnutrition is because humans have not figured out how to work together effectively. I have broadly called this general problem of humans not working together effectively “HRP”.

Technology can help us solve all of our big problems which are solvable. Technology is empowering. Solving a big problem requires some amount of qualified people working together effectively. But technology can reduce the number of qualified people needed to solve a big problem. And if technology were powerful enough it could eventually solve big problems automatically without need of humans.

Process can help too. I even consider process to be technology. But I want to highlight that a good process can do things like discover the most qualified person for a role so that the team operates most effectively. This simply means that a team which is optimally organized can accomplish more than the same team that is not optimally organized. Process is the set of rules we follow in order to organize our teams effectively. Process can be dependent on technology.

I try to be a person that is willing and able to help with solutions to problems. I assume there are other people like me. I know I need help. Other people know they need help too. My basic process is to offer my services regularly so that I may find people who will allow me to help. I have found that most people do not want my help even if they market themselves as someone who wants volunteers. I haven’t found myself burdened by people who are wanting volunteer problem solvers.

I plan to support software engineers who want my help on their open source software. I plan to establish and maintain relationships with these software engineers. I will learn from them. They will learn from me. I will have the opportunity to one day invite my network of software engineers to help work on useful open source projects.

Good people must put forth regular effort to connect with other good people who are willing to do good work together. I believe it is possible and necessary.

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