Minerval Arts

I would pay money to see good conversations happening because good conversations are absent in our world. I believe other people would also be interested in paying money to see good conversations happening. Gandhi taught to be the change you wish to see and my goal is to create a place where good conversations happen.

I have created a Patreon account which allows subscribers to gain attention on my Discord server. I am inviting thinkers to participate in conversations on my Discord server. I am willing to pay people to participate and I want to help moderate the conversation so that people find the conversation interesting and valuable.

I have deleted the voice channels in my Discord server because I want the conversation to be in an asynchronous form. When a conversation is not asynchronous there isn’t a good opportunity for people to collect their thoughts before responding.

I want to live in a world where people learn to have better conversations in this new form. I think about this new form of conversation like I would think about martial arts. I call this form of art minerval arts. I can imagine the minerval arts becoming more popular over time so that there is eventually the equivalent of the UFC and the NFL draft. That is my dream.

If you are interested in minerval arts please join my Discord server.

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