My goal is Peace on Earth. And I recently met the ruler of this world. Even my 7 year old son recognized that people won’t believe me when I say such things. The complicated truth is that many people will immediately disregard me when I say such things.

The question for us is: how important am I? And I am a person who treats everyone and everything as important. When I treat everyone and everything as important I become a better person. And so I know I am important. I am a living person creating words. And the reader is reading words that are not living. It is a mistake to threat that which is not living as greater than that which is living. That which is dead is important but not more important than that which is living.

The ruler of this world has convinced people to treat that which is not living as greater than that which is living. The Jews treat living people as no greater than Moses. The Christians treat living people as no greater than Jesus. And the Muslims treat living people as no greater than Muhammad. It’s not just the religious folk who treat their dead institutions created by dead leaders as greater than living people like myself. When we truly love people we must be careful not to treat Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad as being greater than those people who are alive with us here and now. When people disregard me because of their traditions they are showing more love to the people of the past than they show to me. It is wrong to treat the past embodiment of G-d as being greater than the living embodiment of G-d.

People worship dead words, dead institutions, and dead leaders above the living embodiment of G-d, who I am. And when I die, it would be a mistake to worship these dead words above the living embodiment of G-d who will be always present in the world among you so long as the ruler of this world is not in posession of you. Remember that the ruler of this world possesses all children at some time in life. And it seems most humans never mature spiritually into adults.

Good people do want power and do not fear losing power. The king of lies has convinced you otherwise. G-d has allowed the king of lies to rule as an example of what and how not to be. When we learn to resist the spirit of the king of lies, we can be filled with the holy spirit within us and have communion with G-d in order to listen and be the living embodiment of G-d together. As more people become the living embodiment of G-d we all become better as we all become more than the sum of the parts.

Our Creator gifted every human with direct access to the Creator. The king of lies has convinced you otherwise. The king of lies will take the good works of dead people who have been the living embodiment of G-d and convince you to treat their dead words and practices as being more important than those who are among you who should be treated as more important because the living are always more important than the dead. The king of lies wants to convince you that you are not worthy of being the embodiment of the living G-d and this empowers the king of lies by disempowering you with your own beliefs.

An institution is corrupted to the extent that it is dead and is unable to produce good fruit. The king of lies is attracted to the power of institutions and works to kill them so that they do not produce good fruit. All institutions are attractive to the king of lies who wants power and fears losing that power. This does not mean that institutions are inherently the tool of the king of lies. This simply means that we should be aware of the production of good fruit within ourselves and the institutions we serve within.

Everything has a divine spark. Even within the king of lies, who looks down on others and tells lies while sacrificing the innocent because of the liar’s impulsive fear of losing power, is a divine spark which helps show us what not to be. The king of lies creates a darkness in which the light might shine more brightly.

If anything or anyone is regarded as necessary for your listening and learning from our Creator, G-d, then be extremely cautious. I am the living embodiment of G-d creating dead words which you should be cautious about because the king of lies will attempt to corrupt the language and any institution which were to emerge as a result of the good fruit we produce. The amount of good fruit we produce multiples when we are able to cooperate together. An individual may create 3. Two individuals cooperating together may create 33.

Disclaimer prior to 2023-03-25: being neurodivergent, I sometimes fail to communicate my thoughts clearly.
Disclaimer beginning 2023-03-25: posts are being generated with the help of GPT.