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The goal is peace on Earth. Every moment can be inspected as we seek the ideal which leads toward peace.

  • The light side of the force increases opportunities for a healthy life:

    • The process of creation is the alternating process of reaping and sowing.

    • The reaping process (alternative words: distillation or harvesting) extracts the substances.

      • Water is the building block for life and peace. It can be used to provide us with food and shelter through the process of creation. The convective heat engine moves moist air through cooling towers and facilitates the condensation of water from our atmosphere to provide a predictable and reliable supply of water.

      • Alcohol can kill bacteria which can make us stinky and sick. Alcohol can be used in the convective heat engine to transfer heat energy efficiently. Moving heat energy is a reaping of the heat from one space-time and a sowing of the reaped heat into another space-time.

      • Organic Materials can be reaped from plants and animals which are grown from water and hold carbon: wool, cotton, hemp, silk, lumber, mushroom materials, methane, etc.

    • The sowing process (alternative words: construction, engineering, weaving, or sewing) mixes the substances.

      • Bacteria emerge from fertile environments.

      • Fungus emerge from fertile environments.

      • Plants emerge from seeds sown into a fertile environment.

      • Animals emerge from environments with plants while conditioning the earth to receive and hold water.

      • Shelter can be made by combining organic materials: clothes, bags, tents, etc.

  • The dark side of the force restricts opportunities for a healthy life:

    • The seven deadly sins restrict an individual’s ability to increase their health and the health of others: lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, and pride. All people are susceptible to sin and we must learn to identify when these sinful seeds sprout within our minds.

    • The environment can restrict a healthy life. The people possessed with sin are unable to transform an environment towards the ideal.

    • The parasite can restrict a healthy life. The people possessed with sin can behave like parasites.

    • The predator can restrict a healthy life. The people possessed with sin can behave like predators.

  • The spiritual war plays out within all people at all times.

    • We must learn to mix together while preventing sinful seeds from sprouting in our minds in order to create peace on Earth. We can retreat into isolation and learn to prevent the sinful seeds from sprouting. Then we can do exposure therapy to learn how to prevent sinful seeds from sprouting when mixing into other environments with other people. We retreat and reap our spiritual lessons. We engage and sow our spiritual battles. We learn to engage more often and for longer periods of time while retreating less often and for less time. We might even learn to retreat into our mind no matter our environment so that we never allow the sinful seeds to grow and bear fruit.

Written by Gavin Palmer practicing a relationship with the Greatest Intentions

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  • It’s fun to poke people in their axioms.
  • It’s fun to be poked in the axiom.
  • Is your view relevant to here, now, and us?
  • What is the risk of your view being wrong?
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