Thaddeus Russell Conversation

I want to welcome Thaddeus Russell and thank him for engaging with me while I practice minerval arts.

Thad has created Renegade University where he offers different stories and explanations about history. Thad hosts a private facebook group for the people who are enrolled in Renegade University. Thad hosts the Unregistered Podcast. And Thad has written A Renegade History of the United States.

A reason I invited Thad to participate in conversations is because I see in him a person who has developed great skill at being skeptical. I have used skepticism to help me learn. And I suspect that many people would benefit from learning to practice more skepticism. I am interested in facilitating asynchronous conversations between Thad and other people who we both think should be more skeptical in some way.

I am also interested in having conversations about solutions to problems. I recently updated my website to highlight some solutions which I have thought of. But when I give my attention to other people I rarely find that they are interested in discovering solutions to problems. Most people who are giving their attention to problems seem to be ignoring any effort at solving those problems. And among the people who are interested in solving problems we often could benefit from other helpful minds.

I would like Thad to help me understand the problem(s) and solutions which he has identified. I hope we can incorporate each other’s ideas and cooperatively work to solve important problems.

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