Written by Gavin Palmer practicing a relationship with the Greatest Intentions

Serious content should have version control with historical changes.


My intent is to identify the ideal scenario. I realize that our present is not ideal and we should work towards the ideal incrementally.

My claim is that there are certain individuals who are so spiritually mature that they could have their lives recorded and streamed to the world as evidence of their righteousness and qualification as the elect leaders of our world. My claim is that we can update our systems by which leaders are selected so that we can identify and remove the corruption which is allowed to grow in secrecy.

Try to imagine a world with people who have intentionally decided to allow their lives to be recorded and streamed 24/7.

Spiritual Journey

There are many spirits which can possess people. And very few of those spirits want to be recorded, recognized, and identified.

The student is the individual who has dedicated their life to learning. They could have their entire life recorded because they have mastered the art of using each moment to learn and grow.

The hermit is the individual who has moved into the wilderness to be alone. They could have their entire life recorded and made publicly available because they are practicing living a life which does not sacrifice other people. The hermit is not an ideal leader, but all ideal leaders began maturing spiritually by becoming a hermit.

The monk is the individual who has learned to retreat into the wilderness within their mind. Along the path from the hermit to the monk the individual learned to recognize the fruit of the holy spirit. The individual would make mistakes and retreat to the wilderness so that learning and growth can occur. Eventually the individual is no longer dependent on the wilderness as a place for learning and growth.

The warrior is the individual who is excited by the possibility of a new challenge which facilitates learning and transformation. The warrior-monk is able to learn and grow with balance as they move towards challenges and retreat into the wilderness of their mind. The ideal warrior wins battles without their sword: never needing to sacrifice other people.

The leader is the individual who serves others and develops communities of people who cooperate to accomplish goals by encouraging learning and teaching and personal growth within each individual within the community.

Previously at HeroLFG

I have read about the value of transparency at Gitlab and default to transparency at Buffer. I want to experiment with transparency more at HeroLFG.

I think there is greater risk of wasting time and attention when people communicate privately. I hope that a policy of transparency will encourage people to be more careful with their words which should translate into being more respectful of other people’s time. I also want to be able to share the things people are saying with the whole team so that they are able to provide feedback.

I don’t enjoy pointing out the mistakes people are making unsolicited. But because we are humans, we are certainly making mistakes.

If you want our team to try and identify mistakes you are making, you will need to join the discord server and speak to us in a public way.

If you think I (Gavin Palmer) am making mistakes, you can use the discord server to connect with me and help me understand your perspective.


Attention Posts

I wrote My Paths Forward Policy in June 2020, and I said I would communicate with people who reach out to me on my discord server.

I wrote Ending the War on Drugs in August 2020, and I claimed that the atrocity which is the war on drugs continues to this day because we do not pay attention to the most important information.

I wrote Minerval Arts in September 2020, and I expressed a desire to facilitate conversations between people.

I wrote Love and Sense Making in November 2020, and I said that we can measure our love based on our attention.

I wrote Advertising is Fishing for People in December 2020, and I said that I want to facilitate education so that individuals can recognize mistakes they are making.

I wrote My Attention in March 2021, and I started thinking more about attention filters.

I wrote Using Words for Good in March 2021, and I recognized that people will sometimes have an emotional response to certain trigger words.

I wrote How I Create Content and Why in April 2021, and I recommended that people create blog posts which can be updated and version controlled.

Disclaimer prior to 2023-03-25: being neurodivergent, I sometimes fail to communicate my thoughts clearly.
Disclaimer beginning 2023-03-25: posts are being generated with the help of GPT.
Disclaimer beginning 2023-10-12: I decided to practice making Jesus my king.
Disclaimer beginning 2024-04-27: I learned the importance of sharing things more privately with God in prayer and with my wife and with a couple of Christian brothers>. I decided to make my past blog posts less public. I made my facebook page less public weeks ago. I no longer care so much for the approval of people.