Vampires and Zombies

Abstract Summary

The monsters are within us. The battle starts within and never ends.


We get to figure this out together and create peace on Earth as we solve the biggest problem and embody the best answer.

Trained Responses

We often respond to stimuli like Pavlov’s dog who was trained to salivate at the sound of a bell but we do it with words. This is the mindless zombie within us who does not want to change our views. We can become attached to anything: including ideas. And we experience a sense of loss when we lose that which we have become attached to. We all experience being a zombie who is too attached to an idea and wants to avoid the discomfort of feeling a sense of loss.

I practice being grateful to people who criticize ideas which possess me: including the ideas in this post. My first impulse when confronted with criticism is to hold my ground. But my practice is to love the person who is giving me criticism and see their criticism as an expression of love towards me. They want what’s best for me.

During my practice, I have had to ask favors from the other person giving me criticism.

I have practiced asking the other person to be patient. The other person will give me a criticism and I will remain silent for many minutes. The other person can become frustrated because they think I am ignoring them. G-d knows I don’t like being ignored. So I practice telling them I am thinking and asking them to be patient with me. While I am thinking, I am really trying to remind myself that I may be wrong and this other person may be able to help me become a better person. The truth is that I’m always wrong in the sense that I can move closer to perfection because I am never perfect. The question which eventually arises is this: how does the other person know that I am wrong and they are right? I ultimately make a decision about whether or not I will experiment with the other person’s way in order to compare their way against my way.

I have practiced asking the other person to pick the most important criticism. The other person may have a list of criticisms for me which they start laying out very quickly. This can become overwhelming for me when I am practicing my battles against my inner zombie(s).

I practice being patient and gentle with others because I know how challenging it is to fight the zombie within myself.

Attention Feeding

Our attention is the most valuable resource in the world, and the vampire is a predator which feeds on attention. We should not feed on other people’s attention, and we should be careful about giving our attention to vampires.

We are the vampire pattern when we sacrifice others for our own status and power. We fight the vampire pattern when we sacrifice our status and power for the benefit of others. The vampire is a slave to their hunger and is unable to serve properly.

I practice seeking people who are good at fighting their monsters and attempt to provide services to them. Through my practice, I have found that most people are not as righteous as they make themselves appear to be. I have also found that I am often not as righteous as I thought myself to be.

I seek people’s attention and an increase in my status and power within the other person when I do my practice. I am flirting dangerously with the vampire pattern. I call my behavior a practice because I continue to practice getting better at being a servant while fighting my inner vampire demon which is tempted into hubris and self importance. Even this post is a flirt with the vampire pattern as I attempt to grab your attention and direct it in ways which might allow me to be of service to you.

By keeping an honest eye on the vampire within me I have more forgiveness for the vampire within others.

More Practices

Use Version Control

Version control puts our past mistakes on display for everyone to see. And we can give credit to the people who helped us with our error correction if they agree to be given credit publicly.

Point Carefully

Every time we attempt to point out the monster patterns in others we should seek out the monster patterns in ourselves. Once we learn to properly battle the monster patterns within ourselves we will be more capable of battling against the monster patterns in others. We are our own test subjects in this spiritual war.

Seek Righteous People

As we learn to do spiritual war with the monsters within we become increasingly righteous. The most righteous people are able to enter into a relationship with a higher power outside of our spacetime. The most righteous people are given information about the future so that we may more easily identify them and place them at the head of our society as we practice spiritual warfare. There are always righteous people in our world who are ready to help once we decide we do not want to be monsters and we want to be serious about creating peace on Earth.

Receiving Feedback

  • Cybernetics
  • Defense Against The Dark Arts: DADA (credit acronym to GrimGriz)

Internal DADA

We should provide a mechanism by which others can help us with our error correction so that we may improve our ways. This is fundamental to the best answer to our biggest problem.

Attention Funneling

External DADA

We should not give our attention away too easily or else zombies and vampires might do us harm. The vampires at Twitter and Facebook facilitate viral spreading of content with their user interface. A monster on the internet can spread dis-ease too easily.

Provide a path for people to gain your attention and make that path increasingly difficult based upon your popularity. But no matter how difficult it is for someone to gain your attention, be transparent about your path forward policy.

Engagement Process

People should be able to get our attention. And when people get our attention we should have a process in place for engaging with others. Our process as a low status person should be that we try to never ignore the other person and we provide enough information to the other person that we let them know that they were not ignored.

Some canned responses which should be done honestly based on personal maturity:

  • “Please be patient with me as I think about what you have said.”
  • “Please be gentle with me and point at your most important point because I can’t handle all of your criticisms at once.”
  • “I am assuming you want what’s best for me, and I appreciate your feedback”.

Ignorance Policy

We should be willing to tell people when we ignore them and why we are ignoring them and how they might stop being ignored in the future. If we are popular we must be aware of the choices our team is making regarding choices about who is being ignored and why they are being ignored and how that person might stop being ignored in the future.

Meta Topic

When people are focused on a specific topic which has a low probability of consensus we should attempt to switch focus to these meta topics about the proper way of being in general and how to become a better person. That’s what this whole post is about.


Contact us if you want to cooperate. If you think we are wrong then get involved. We appreciate your cooperation in our error correction process.

Governor of Alabama

I hope to be Governor of Alabama by 2040.

Disclaimer prior to 2023-03-25: being neurodivergent, I sometimes fail to communicate my thoughts clearly.
Disclaimer beginning 2023-03-25: posts are being generated with the help of GPT.